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Please remember this, as this alone should be your Golden Rule,
when selecting a Wedding Photographer: 
“The most important thing that you should expect from your wedding photographer is many, quality, spontaneous images. Without quality images you have nothing. If the photographs captured on your wedding day are few, boring, posed and staged, or lackluster at best, then you have nothing.” And if we together can have fun along the way, well, that just makes it all the better!

Well, I’ve been creating photographs all of my life. I have many fond memories of when I was just a kid, “helping” my dad in his darkroom! I was always the kid with the camera, and for almost ten years now I have been filling the need in this area of New York State and Northern Pennsylvania by Providing Professional – Full Time 35mm and High-End Digital Wedding Photography, with the added benefit of owning a fully equipped, 2500 sq. ft. Studio Facility. This isn’t a part time thing that I do on the side or only on weekends… this is my life, and my passion!

“That being said, digital photography recently has opened the door for many new, first time photographers. It’s also true that some of them have no real knowledge or interest in the basic art form of photography. They are only interested in making a buck. They buy a digital camera, set it on fully automatic, call themselves photojournalists, and set out on their way to pollute the work pool. You’ve got Video Studios now doing Wedding Photography, and D.J.’s shooting Video, etc., etc. If this trend continues I guess I’ll have to learn how to Sing & Tap-Dance so that I may become a “complete” Wedding Entertainer to go along with my Photography skills!!”

What I’m getting at here is that you can’t be great at everything. It’s a simple fact. A fact that you do not want to find true first hand, with disappointing Photography of your Wedding Day Memories. Remember the old saying…”You get what you pay for.”

And Remember: Cheap is NEVER good. Good is NEVER cheap.

I approach your Special Day with integrity, with talent and natural skill, and with the added bonus of an extremely artistic touch, while providing these services at rates costing much less when compared to what others of comparable talent and experience, as close as Ithaca or Syracuse NY now charge. I am also a Member of the Professional Photographers of America, and I have the integrity, experience and dedication to my craft, which will allow us to capture forever your very special wedding day memories.

Plain and simple, I love shooting weddings! I love my photography career, and that passion shows through in my work!

In addition to the unlimited coverage on your wedding day, I also plan to attend the church ceremony rehearsal usually held the night before (unless previous photographic commitments prohibit my doing so.) I do this simply because I consider it absolutely crucial. I’ve found that it allows me to know what is going to take place, the order of events throughout the ceremony, as well as the fact that it simply helps to lessen any surprises on wedding day and it allows me to plan my strategy for the next days shoot. Also, if I am invited to the rehearsal dinner I will be able to capture the events that will be unfolding on the big night before the wedding.

We will usually plan on doing early shots at either the brides home, parents home, grandparents home, beauty salon, church or wherever the bridal preparation and gathering of attendants will be staged. One bride, whose wedding took place on her Quarter Horse ranch, asked for her preparation shots to be done in her barn while she was getting her horse ready for their big day! To me personally I find that these personal photographs are some of the most special images of the day. To have the bride surrounded by her mom, sisters, and very closest friends on the morning of her biggest day, in familiar and comfortable surroundings almost guarantees the capture of some very special moments.

I strongly suggest avoiding church dressing room situations if at all possible. These rooms or “halls” at churches are usually dirty, small, painted bad and very plain with terrible furniture, and with equally bad lighting and lots of clutter all over. I can take great photographs, but I can’t work miracles! So if the surroundings are bad, the pictures are going to suffer. If the parents of the bride have a beautiful home.lets use it! If grandma’s place is furnished spectacularly.let’s use it! If you have a friend with a lovely home.ask them if they would allow you to use it that morning! I’ve found that most people take such a request as the highest compliment, and they usually will spend many hours preparing their home so that it will be a showplace for you on your wedding day! Or rent a lovely Bed and Breakfast for that final night before and spend your final “single” night with your closest friends, and get ready there in the morning! During these early morning shots, because we have the time to do so I’ll set up my specialty, some lovely “mirror” shots of the bride and her mom and maid/matron of honor. I will usually use soft focus filters, and an additional flash-head behind the subjects for stunning special effects, as well as a portable Professional Bogen Elinchrom Multi-Head 500 watt Studio Lighting Heads, which really adds a professionally beautiful and very elegant look to the resulting photographs.

After the ladies are shot, I’ll then move on to the church or elsewhere to get pre-wedding shots of the groom and his gentlemen. For the more adventurous, I’ve shot the guys early Saturday morning playing a round of golf, or playing Frisbee on the church lawn! I’ve shot them in a cemetery toasting the groom with shots of whiskey while smoking cigars all with huge tombstones in the background.what a neat picture! Gathering at their favorite tavern, surrounding a custom car, the groom on his favorite motorcycle, go-cart racing, skeet shooting or even water skiing on wedding morning with the formal groom out on the skis in a white shirt, black tie and suit coat, and of course with a bottle of champagne in hand. I have even shot a few bachelor parties if you are daring enough to actually ask me to do so. Just remember this.I am not responsible for the consequences that type of photographic evidence may bring upon you or your buddies!

Most of all, I try to get your personality to shine through in the pictures, and if you can give me a little help in the line of ideas we can usually come up with some great pictures. After I get the guys taken care of then it’s on to the church or place where the ceremony will be held. If time allows I’ll try to get some shots of friends and guests as they arrive.

The formal wedding ceremony will be shot as completely as the particular Minister/Church will allow. Some Ministers have no problem with anything. Others dictate no flash. While still others insist that no photographs at all be taken during the ceremony. It is your place to inquire and find out what particular rules we will be dealing with. In the event that flash pictures are not allowed, I recommend shooting the ceremony in black and white. Higher speed and black and white films allow for better photographs in poorly lit situations, as well as the fact that black and white photographs of the ceremony look very elegant and classic. I usually shoot one or two rolls of black and white combined with all the rest of the color pictures give you a nice mix. If lighting allows, I try to shoot the entire ceremony with natural lighting and the results are usually worth it.

The formal wedding portrait shots, if desired, will usually be shot at the church immediately after the wedding ceremony and receiving line if there is one. When time and circumstances allow, I usually set up my studio lighting for these shots, which really makes a noticeable difference. Depending on the time of year and weather conditions of that day, as well as how much time we have available prior to the beginning of the reception, you may also choose to shoot some formals outside, or at some other location that may hold a special meaning to the both of you.

Whatever you should choose please remember that available time, some restrictions at certain churches, and the locations of the church in regard to the reception, and shoot locations should be our only restrictions.

I will attend the majority, if not all of the reception and I will photograph all of the major activities as well as whatever else you may wish to have photographed. Throughout the day, always be aware that I am at your command and will be happy to try to photograph anything else that you may wish to have captured. Please be certain that your parents, family, friends and members of your bridal party feel free to ask me for that special photograph. I strive to photographically capture everything that is desired. That fact being mentioned, I also like to discuss well in advance of the wedding date, all details concerning the specifics of the ceremony, any special circumstances, special requests, etc. I like to be prepared! I never drink, and I do not smoke.

My estimate of an average shot total for the aforementioned coverage is generally in the range anywhere from lows of 1600 up to occasional highs of 4000+ photographs or more. This number all depends upon the personalities involved in the wedding, the number of attendants, the number of guests, the amount of time we actually have between home, the church, the reception etc.

If we are not running late because of people not being on time, and if everyone, including the guests at the reception, is having a good time, then I should be able to get a lot of beautiful photographs for you. Always remember though, that I am not a miracle worker. I can only shoot what you give me to work with. You and your people are the ones who will make or break your photographs, and all I do is try to capture those moments as you make them happen. If we all work with each other, are punctually on time, and be happy and smile a lot, we will end up with some special memories. Most of all, let’s have some fun! Isn’t that what it’s all about?

While on this subject, once again I can not stress the importance of punctuality along with good time management on this special day. Very important and frequently too often ignored is the fact that people just do not leave enough time between the various important events of the day. Ladies and gentlemen of the wedding party frequently do not arrive on time, or they disappear while we are waiting for them to begin shooting the formal pictures at the church, etc. etc. etc. Once again I can not stress enough the simple fact that I can only photograph what you allow me to. If we run out of time and have to cut things short.. It will be your loss, not mine!

I will aim to have your finished photographs and your “PHOTOARTISTRY ALBUM PACKAGE©” Album, and Digital CD and or DVD (if ordered, add an additional 2 weeks time) ready for you within five to six weeks of the wedding date. If I do not have a large number of bookings on my calendar during the time period close to your wedding date, I should be able to improve upon that delivery estimate.


With the “DESIGNER SERIES ALBUM” I strive to have your initial proofs posted & ready for you to inspect in about four weeks. At that time you will begin the daunting task of selecting your favorite 50-70-100 photograph’s which will then be immortalized forever in your “Designer Series Album”. Up to 100+ photographs can be selected, (with those over the allotted 100 count priced additionally).

Depending upon the size of the Album chosen, you will now select your favorite 50, 70 or 100 Photographs from all of the Images in the Proof Album. These favorites will be used to build your “DESIGNER SERIES ALBUM”, where the Talented Graphic Artists at Classic Album will create a Unique, Artistic Cutting Edge Lay-Out for a one-of-a-kind look! This Album may be bound either Vertically or Horizontally.

Having control of your full sized Wedding Image files will allow you to enlarge your favorite photographs to add to your album or to mount, frame and hang proudly on the wall. Now you will be able to have re-prints made for family or friends at a greatly reduced rate compared to rates usually charged by conventional wedding studios. Take them to your local photo lab & have them done at realistic prices! This feature could save you many hundreds if not thousands of dollars on re-prints and enlargements.

I use Nikon equipment exclusively, as I consider it to be the finest photographic equipment available today! I will use (2) DIGITAL SLR NIKON D3S Professional Camera Bodies, Lexar Solid State Compact Flash Cards, (3) SB-900 Digital Flash Heads paired with (2) Quantum Turbo Battery Packs. Depending on the situation I’ll be using one of the following NIKON Autofocus Lenses (F/1.4 50MM, F/1.4 85MM, F/2.8 10MM Fisheye – F/2.8 14-24MM – F2.8 28-70MM – F/2.8 70-200MM – F/2.8 300MM – F/4 300MM ). At times, for the shots using studio lighting, bridal preparation, formals, and reception, I will be using up to (4) ELINCHROM EL 500C Portable Studio Flash Heads, triggered with Quantum Radio Transmitters & Slaves.

NIKON lenses are the best lenses that today’s technology can produce, but please remember one simple fact, and that is the fact that 35MM photography does have its own inherent limitations in that any enlargements made larger than 16″ x 20″ will begin to break down and loose their sharpness as the size of the enlargement increases. This fact can not be changed even while using the finest NIKON lenses in the world.

At this point I must also say that I make no absolute guarantee. Things happen, equipment fails, acts of God do occur. I have shot well over five hundred weddings and have yet to experience any major problems. But problems may happen, and as a safety precaution I always have at least 2 camera bodies and 2 flash units, and 2 flash battery packs on hand. If something terrible should happen that would hamper or prevent significant photographs from being taken, every effort will be made to attempt to re-create and re-shoot staged events if you should wish to do so at a later date.

In the unlikely event that unexpected events should occur in your lives that would cause you to have to cancel your Wedding Event and thus cancel the need for my services, I will return to you your deposit payment, less $1000.00 to cover the loss of this date to my shooting schedule. If anything unforeseen should occur to me (death, serious illness, major injury) to cause the situation that RICK BACMANSKI PHOTOARTISTRY© would be physically unable to provide the mentioned coverage to you, your full deposit will be returned immediately, with there being no further liability on my part, or the part of RICK BACMANSKI PHOTOARTISTRY©.


Please visit my testimonials page with whom I have had the privilege to help capture their special memories. Call them and get honest, first hand opinions from the people who had previously placed their trust in me, and who have seen the final results of our mutual efforts.

If you have not had an opportunity to see my sample books (PhotoArtistry © or Designer Series Coffee Table Album Package © ) of previous weddings, or if you wish to view my enjoyable computer slide-show presentation of prior weddings, please contact me and we can make arrangements for you to view them.


Chemung County/New York State tax of 8% will be added to all quoted prices.
For weddings outside of the immediate Elmira, Horseheads, Corning, and Ithaca, New York area additional travel charges, as well as lodging (in most cases) will be added to my standard quoted pricing. Additional $$ charges for some selected areas: