Professional 211 Studio – Hourly Rental Information







The Modern, Ground Floor, Wheelchair accessible 2500 sq. ft. Studio facility is located at 211 North Main Street in Horseheads, NY is available for photographers who lack a top notch facility of your own in which to shoot.

Fully Heated & Air Conditioned.  Full Overhead Door to allow vehicle or large item entry.

Ceiling Height of 12 feet throughout with roughly a 20 foot by 20 foot open studio shooting area. (20 foot by 28 foot when I remove my ’76 Camaro Show Car).

Separate Men’s & Women’s Rest Rooms adjacent, and another large office that could be set up for changing or make-up & hair prep. lounge

Prep Kitchen on premises.

Large Off-Street Parking Lot alongside and behind building is just 6 steps from Studio Rear entrance. Studio is located on the Ground Floor for those who may have disabilities or are wheelchair bound.

$200.00 per hour if you bring ALL of your own Studio Equipment, Wireless Senders & Receivers, Strobes, Drops, Stands.
$300.00 per hour if you need to use ANY or ALL of my Studio Equipment, Wireless Senders & Receivers, Strobes, Drops, Stands.

Contact Me for Studio Availability. 





The Start of a Great Ride…352 State Street – Elmira, NY        
March – October 2004

And just for the heck of it… are a few shots from my first Studio which was located at 352 State Street, Elmira, NY, which we occupied from March to October 2004 when myself & Maria Strinni, who is a friend as well as a former Star-Gazette photographer, decided to venture out of the security of working out of our homes, & rent this place jointly and give it a shot. At the time the building was owned and rented to us by brothers Don & Tom Coon, who operated their vintage sports car business “Stonebridge Motors” in the ground floor building next door to & behind this building.  this entire facility was massive.

Maria & I each did our own thing business-wise, we each ran our own separate business’s, and helped each other out whenever we could. It was a great place to start for two rising shooters way back in the day when we actually still used film, & “everyone & their brother” weren’t becoming photographers with cheap digital point & shoot cameras! With the brick walls, tall ceilings & massive wooden beams throughout, this old warehouse was a solid building that despite the toll of time,  still showed the beauty & grandeur of it’s past,  and that was just the feel that we had both envisioned for our first Studio.  I still have two of those beautiful Stained Glass Windows that were originally fitted into the top, front windows of this great old three story warehouse, that was built right on railroad row way back in the early 1800’s, and which later housed the “C.M.R. Tompkins Co.”  who were “Wholesale Grocers & Jobbers of Coffees, Teas & Spices, etc. Established in 1887”. At that time the address was listed as 354-356 State St.
























Hometown Return to 211 North Main St. – Horseheads, NY  
September 2004 – Present

And my next huge move happened in September 2004 when I purchased what I would now call “The 211 Studio”  and it’s complete remodeling was coming together throughout the Fall/Winter of 2004/2005. This building was originally constructed in a couple of different phases during the early 1960’s, and it was first used as the home for a Local Newspaper & Printing Shop, then it went through many other occupants who rented & used it as an Industrial Fasteners place, a Ceramics Shop, a Halloween Costume Rental Shop, and finally in the 80’s it was the home of an Automobile Audio/Visual Installation and Sales Shop, owned by an old Horseheads Class of ’75 Classmate of mine Steve Williams… and his business went by the cool name of  The Hungry Ear”.

One of the neatest things in the place is my Grandparent’s old Bengal combination wood & gas upper/lower cast iron kitchen stove, which they purchased brand new in 1933 in Downtown Elmira, and it has been in my family ever since. It now proudly occupies space in the kitchen. It blends in pretty well here as I am a bit of a Collector & Picker.
This place is my Man Cave, as well as my Office & Studio. I tell everyone it’s a combination Office, Photography Studio, Art Gallery, Sports Hall of Fame & Local History Museum.  But most of all, this place is MY LIFE. This place is ME!

From 2005 to 2009 Maria rented, and we shared this space, each with our own offices & common space. Then in 2009 her husband Mike got a new job, they moved away, and I was on my own. It did not take long for me to overflow into her former office space which I now use as my equipment & gear room.

DSC_0006 front partial beforeDSC_0005 frontDSC_0006-72DSC_0012-72DSC_0021-LOBBY BEFOREDSC_0008 LOBBY AFTERDSC_0018-72DSC_0015A-72BDSC_0094 my office set-upBDSC_0096-72DSC_0024 MY OFFICEDSC_0021 MY OFFICEDSC_0021- studio front fallDSC_0012 - MARCH SNOWDSC_0016A kitchen horiz.DSC_0018 stove vert.DSC_0108 STUDIO BEFOREDSC_0025-72DSC_0026-72DSC_0109-72DSC_0017 studioDSC_0013 studioDSC_0019DSC_0016 studio archDSC_0010 MEDIA ROOM - EASTDSC_0012 MEDIA ROOM - WESTRB1_5802 RB1_5800