2018 – 2019 Stimulus Package Page

2018 – 2019 Digital 6 Hour Recovery Package- $1500.00

“I’m Doing My Part to Help You Out!”


Because many of you have told me that you would LOVE to have me shoot your Weddings, but were disappointed that your budget would not allow me to be there, I am offering a new,  “Budget Friendly” package, without all of the hourly time, bells and whistles that are found in my standard package options. Hopefully this new option may now allow your budget the ability to have me Photograph your Wedding  Memories.


If you are the first person to inquire & book this package for any particular Month… it’s yours! If you’re too late but still want this package…. You may wish to consider moving your Wedding date to a Friday, or a Sunday if it isn’t already firmly set in stone! Lots of people are now doing non-Saturday Weddings these days…. often with great discounts from the Reception locations too!

Stimulus Package Weddings that are already booked will be identified on my Bookings Calendar with a Green, Circular Symbol.

ONE A MONTH EXCEPTION: Should I have a Saturday Open, and it is within THREE Months of the date of your Wedding Day….…I will make this smaller package available to you if you choose to select it for your Wedding.

$1500…. for 6 Hours (SIX) Hours of shooting coverage time… (as opposed to my standard 12 Hours of shooting coverage included in all other packages) with up to an additional half hour driving time to your location also included…..any more than ½ hour travel time means your six hours starts when I am on the road and on my way to you.

Package Includes DVD’s with ALL of your full sized High Resolution Copyright Free Wedding Images.

If you can plan your Wedding Day’s events efficiently and effectively, have everything go on time & on schedule, and In six hours I should be able to shoot all of the important parts of your day! From the Bride & her girls getting dressed, to the Ceremony & Formals, all the way to the Cake Cutting at the Reception. I would venture to guess that I’ll shoot in the range of around 1500 Images in this six hour time period.

REMEMBER: Great Photography, done by someone who has years of proven, Wedding Photography Experience, and using the Absolutely Best Nikon Equipment available is what you are ultimately demanding…..and now, that is what I can give to you in this extremely budget friendly way.

Additional Add-On’s that are available with this package, should you desire:

  • $100.00 – Online Viewing Gallery on my website – so you, your family, friends and guests can view, &/or order your Wedding  Images. Posted Galleries will remain online for a minimum of one year.
  • $50.00 – Quantity of 500 Professionally Printed Gallery Password Cards for each place setting at your Reception, which will have all the details which will allow your family and guests to view, and if desired order their favorite images directly online.
  • $300.00  Add up to 4 hours of Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner Coverage if you wish, on the night before, for only an additional $300.00. Same deal, DVD of all of the Copyright Free, Hi-Resolution Images and No Printed Proofs. Rehearsals held more than 50 miles away from Horseheads, NY will be priced slightly higher. Let’s talk about it.

So If you don’t need, or don’t want my standard 12 hours coverage on your Wedding Day…this is the package for you! You save $500.00 as compared to my $2000 Recession Package!

If you do the Online Gallery Option PLUS the Rehearsal Coverage Option, I’ll throw in the printed Gallery cards at NO ADDITIONAL COST…THEY ARE ON ME, a $50.00 Savings!


BUT PLEASE NOTE* Should your day go longer than 6 Hours, and you may want me to stay longer….I will do that at a cost of $200.00 for each additional hour of requested  coverage time.